Mounting Instructions

Mounting the Ribbon Rack



Contractor-Supplied Materials Needed:

  • 1-1/2″ wood block (2 x 4)
  • #3 rebar or 7/16″ D bolt for anchors (2 required)
  • Cement
  • Level




Model # X = Approx. Spacing
RB 05
RB 07
RB 09
RB 11
3 feet
5 feet
7 feet
9 feet


1. Measure centerline of end post to centerline of end post to determine spacing for footings (holes; see chart).

2. Prepare footings (holes) approximately 8″ wide by 12″ to 48″ deep, depending on expected frost conditions at installation site.

3. Use 1-1/2″ high wood block for spacing between the lower U-bends of the rack and the ground.

4. Place anchoring bolts through holes near the bottom of each end of rack.


Mounting the Ribbon Rack


5. Place Ribbon Bike Rack in prepared holes, making sure lower U-bends are resting on the 1-1/2″ high wood block.

6. Pour in the cement and level the rack.

7. Support the rack until cement is dry and remove wood block.

Mounting PDF