Technical Specifications for the Ribbon Rack


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Technical Specifications

All standard units made from ASTM A53/A500 SCHD 40 steel pipe (2.375″ OD X .154 wall), hydraulically bent with a mandril, hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

The RIBBON BIKE RACK is available in ASTM A312 SCHEDULE 40 TP 304 stainless steel, satin #4 finish—optional and extra.

Installation Methods

Inground Anchor Mount—standard
Surface Flange Mount—optional and extra

General Information

‘RIBBON’ and the Brandir International Inc. logo are trademarks of Brandir International Inc., used exclusively by AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co. Delivery time: Six weeks or sooner from receipt of order.

Important Considerations

Colors: (Painting/Coating)—Painting or coating the rack will result in a maintenance problem, as no coating will withstand the abuse of the bicycles. Powder coating cannot be maintenanced; an enamel finish will chip. AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co. has the best solution where color is essential. To find out how to achieve an appropriate color with a minimum of maintenance please see painting instructions.

Materials: Steel tubing or aluminum are not suitable materials for a bicycle rack. Pre-galvanized material will flake and crack during manufacture. AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co. uses heavy-duty steel pipe, hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication to provide security and durability.

Manufacture: Hydraulic bending with a mandril, as used by AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co., insures smooth and aesthetic curves on the Ribbon Bike Rack. Press bending leaves an indentation; other methods flatten outer curves and crimp inner curves.

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